Barnet Schools' Dance Festival 2020
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The Dance Festival Ticket Form


It is important that you complete it even if you don't want any tickets.
Tickets  will delivered to you.

How the ticketing works:

Go to the ticket form on the website.
26 tickets are allocated to each school @ £10 per ticket.
Those schools performing a whole class dance will be allocated 30 tickets
Fill in the box saying how many of the 26 tickets you want.
If you would like extra tickets (more than 26 tickets) please fill in the next box stating how many more you would like.
Each school will be allocated 1 complimentary ticket for the Headteacher.
When I have received all the forms I will then share out the tickets so that hopefully everyone gets as near as possible the number of tickets they require.
Tickets either collected from Artsdepot or will be posted
No payment is required at this stage. Invoices will be sent to schools after the Dance Festival for the due amount.
Schools need to make their own arrangements to collect the money from parents to meet the cost of the invoice.

Important Reminders:

Please can you inform office staff and parents.
1 ticket per seat. (not one ticket per family) If the child is over 18 months they cannot sit on an adult's knee and must have  their own ticket.
Tickets are only available from school so please don't contact me or the Artsdepot.
Artsdepot will not admit anyone into the auditorium without a ticket. If  tickets are lost they can not be reprinted.
Copies of tickets,phone images of tickets or reciepts for tickets will not be accepted and new tickets must be purchased if available.

Teachers and coaches:
Strictly 20 dancers only unless you are bringing along a whole class.
4 minute maximum performance.
Work on introduction and entrances and exits before the day of performance as part of your rehearsal schedule.
Bring a spare copy of your music.

Kind regards

Fill out my online form.



Dance Festival 2020Finale PhrasesDVD InformationRehearsal InformationDance Festival 2020 Programmes